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Each week we add new title to many different categories. Listed below are the categories that have the most significant number of new titles added.
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Halloween Title
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F E A T U R E D    A R T I C L E   

Need A Scrapbook Journaling Idea?
By Elaine Clay

Try using song lyrics in your next layout.

Song lyrics can be a great source of title and page inspiration for a scrapper.

Music and songs play an important part in our lives. Hearing a song again can evoke a lot of emotion, bringing back fond memories of special times, special people and special places.

Of course, different songs mean different things to different people - but you can use songs to 'tap' into those memories to create unique, and highly personal scrapbook pages.

Read the rest of the article and see sample layouts here:
<A HREF="http://www/
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F E A T U R E D    T I T L E S

Here are just a few title to help inspire you!
This weeks featured titles are:

Cool Fun In The Hot Sun
<A HREF="">Link</A> 

Pavement Picasso (Great For Sidewalk Chalk)
<A HREF="">Link</A> 

In the coming weeks if there is enough interest we will be looking to have a layout/ title contest using the featured title. Please watch your future newsletter for more details.

S H A R E  

The Perfect Title is always looking for new title ideas. Please share with us your ideas. You can submit them here:
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I am looking forward to seeing what everyone shares.

S C R A P B O O K    T I P S   &   T E C H N I Q U E S

Crumpled Paper
By: Christa J Koch

Have some paper that accidentally got bent or wrinkled? Don't through it away. Or maybe you are just looking for a new looking for your next layout.

Crumpled paper can offer many new and exciting options. Depending on the thickness of the paper you use, depends on the effect you will get.

Try These Techniques:
1. Crumple up the paper, then flatten it out. (The tighter the crumple, the more "ripples" the paper will have)

2. Lightly spray the paper with water, then crumple. Next flatten the paper out. Do it twice for a softer crumple.

3. Crumple using one of the techniques above, then iron the back side of the paper with an iron on a low setting

Once you have the paper crumpled the way you want, try these decorating techniques:
1. Use the paper the way it is
2. Lightly blot the ripples with ink and a sponge.
3. Rub chalk over the ripples
4. Iron the crumpled paper with a warm iron for a different effect
5. Lightly blot the ripples with paint and a sponge.
6. Paint over the entire piece of crumpled paper with watercolor paints.
7. Lightly sand the ripples of the crumpled with a emery board or very fine sandpaper.

Ideas for ways to use crumpled paper:
1. Die cut the crumpled paper
2. Use the crumples paper for a background
3. Cut photo borders or frames from the crumpled paper
4. Cut shapes (circles, squares, etc...) from crumpled paper for background accents 
5. Use crumpled paper for titles (die cut or template) to add dimension to your words.

There are so many ways to use crumpled paper. It is great way to ad texture and dimension yet low cost!
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